Our November Meeting: Annual Meeting and Our Members Present

Sunday, November 18, 2018

First on the agenda is our annual meeting, where members will elect new officers for the coming year.

After that, we will be celebrating our ancestors who served in the military and what information we have found on them. Some of this information was recently found in the National Archives in St. Louis by two of our members who visited there this summer. Not only is the information different for each vet, but each presenter will be free to present it in their own way.

For some servicemen, we may learn something about them from before or after their service or hear of unique training that they had. Where were they sent? Were they in a conflict zone? Did they share their stories when they returned? Maybe something will be said to give you a new idea for expanding your own research.

Since this sharing session will be open to all members and to give everyone time to speak, please contact Christine Elia  at QuestingHeirsTreas@gmail.com with how much speaking time you think you will need by November 11, Veterans Day!