by John W. McCoy

About a dozen of our members have expressed an interest in learning more about using DNA tests for genealogy. How can we translate interest into action? What form would a DNA Interest Group take, given that we all have different schedules, different backgrounds, and different research problems? It's too early to know the answer, but we can start with some resources and guidelines that will help you get the most out of your DNA tests.

Best tutorials and blogs for learning about DNA, how genetic testing can be applied to specific problems in genealogy, what tests are available, how to interpret the results, etc. Each of these blogs use different examples, so if one doesn't answer your question, try another!

Guidelines for selecting the best DNA test for your needs:

Making your results visible, so that other people who match your DNA can find you:

Do you have questions? Send them to me at RealMac@aol.com. I hope to be able to discuss some of your questions in this column.

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