Our November Meeting

Our November speaker is Carol Rolnick, her presentation is entitled An Investigative Genetic Genealogy Case Study: the Sarah Hutchings Homicide. Come join us on Sunday, November 19 at 2pm.

Sarah Hutchings’s murder in Santa Rosa, CA was unsolved for 29 years until James Jobe was identified as the primary suspect through Investigative Genetic Genealogy in 2020. Hear the details of this fascinating case, including several interesting challenges, and follow the step-by-step process used to identify James Jobe as the perpetrator of this tragic crime.

About Carol Rolnick

Carol Rolnick is a professional investigative genetic genealogist with Parabon NanoLabs since 2018, and a leading researcher in the genetic genealogy community since 2011. In her role with Parabon, she aids law enforcement agencies across the US and Canada to identify suspects in violent crimes as well as unidentified human remains.

Prior to Parabon, Carol worked as a consultant for individuals seeking to identify their biological family members and information about their genetic heritage.

Carol also serves on the Investigative Genetic Genealogy Accreditation Board, which is a non-profit industry board developing standards, best practices and a proficiency exam for the field of Investigative Genetic Genealogy.